Automobile manufacturers ushered to manufacture ventilators by the State

Automobile manufacturers ushered to manufacture ventilators by the State

This financial year has not at all been favorable for the global automotive industry. The pandemic COVID-19 has disrupted the functioning of almost all industries lethally, sparing a handful. The total financial damage the world suffered is massive. India’s automobile industry, for instance, has collectively registered a loss of ₹6080 Crore. Thus, it is very evident how distressingly deep, in the pandemic turmoil, the industry is stuck. Now, as a precautionary step, the central government has ushered all the automobile manufacturers of the country to produce and manufacture ventilators at their production facilities.

It was on the 10th March that the President of the United States had, for the first time, discussed the possibility of initiation of the ‘stimulus plan.’ The plan was to use the automobile manufacturing facilities of the country to produce ventilators. The U.S. president had aimed to manufacture 100,000 machines until the end of the month. He had also claimed to aid other countries (only the once that are America’s allies) with ventilators if required. This plan has now been adopted by India’s central government, which has called upon automakers to assist the government in producing ventilators in preparation for the expected surge in the number of patients in this pandemic. The health Ministry has affirmed that DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation) will be manufacturing 20,000 N-95 masks per day. At present, 14000 ventilators have been set aside for the victims of the COVID-19 epidemic across the nation, while 11.95 lakh masks are in stock.

Automobile manufacturers have obliged to the request of the State and are working under their command to produce ventilators. Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) has also been directed by the health ministry to provide at least 30,000 ventilators in two months. The car manufacturing company with the highest sales in the country is Maruti, which had joined forces and entered a deal with AgVA to jointly manufacture 10,000 ventilators per month, in an attempt to parry the increasing number of victims of the pandemic who require ventilators.

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