Alexa ‘shows symptoms’ of Coronavirus

“Alexa, I fear I have been infected. Do I have corona?” will now get the best and ethically correct answers. Amazon has recently made some improvements in its home voice assistant device. The epidemic outbreak has affected most industries across the globe adversely. Google, Amazon, and Apple are no exceptions to it. While the three companies have different core products in the market, viz., search engine, online shopping platform, and mobile phones, respectively, there is one common product segment where the three compete, i.e., Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven voice assistants. Google and Apple have installed their assistants in cell phones, whereas Amazon has delivered an entirely exclusive device as an assistant. It had staggered everyone when it was introduced, as previously, the voice assistants had been seen only in movies, owned or developed by wealthy and tech-aided superheroes.

Now, the latest update deployed for Alexa is aimed at providing some relief from the pandemonium that has ensued after the COVID-19 outbreak. It can now help its users, to identify and inspect if he or she is infected with the coronavirus, by explaining to them the symptoms and effects. Also, the measures one should take after confirmation of being infected are prescribed by Alexa. Topping that, it helps the user while washing hands by singing a song for 20 seconds. This is a beneficial and timely update that was brought about by the workers at Amazon. This was soon mimicked by Apple’s Siri and Google’s Cortana.

Advancements in AI and technology have paced rapidly in the last few decades. Moreover, all industries that have developed further or have become more efficacious credit their progress to the advancements in technology and AI. Alexa was launched in the market in November 2014 and has come a long way since then, with more than ten subsequent variants of the device, including echo dot, flex, etc.entering the market.

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